Originally inspired by the young professional, O.A.C. City Watches are designed to be your everyday accessory. Whether you’re in a midtown office building or enjoying the nightlife downtown has to offer, O.A.C. City Watches are the perfect complement for any occasion. As such, we strive to create timeless designs with a flare of modern style to provide you with a timepiece that has enduring appeal. Your watch should be three things - dependable, accurate and styled to look great anywhere your modern life takes you. By adding quality parts to our designs we are able to make sophisticated watches that suit any occasion.



About the Watch Design:

The watches are designed with classic look but with a modern feel. O.A.C. City Watches is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. The brand name was derived from Raleigh being known as the City of Oaks. The reason for the deviation in the spelling of the brand is for sentimental reasons. The “O” and “C” are the first letters of the designer’s daughters' names. As for the Roman numeral “V” it represents the first letter of the designer’s wife name.